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We would like to introduce you to some of the skillsets
who make NP Marketing & Branding possible.

We have significant experience in business development, marketing and graphic design.


Business Development opportunities

  1. Build business strategies in alignment with organisational goals and KPIs;

  2. Analyse, filter and measure new potential business opportunities;

  3. Develop and implement annual marketing & sales strategies while building industry connections to seek amplification opportunities.

Marketing talents

  1. Specialise in planning, implementing and executing omnichannel plans;

  2. Coordinate the production of content and assets for strategic and tactical campaigns;

  3. Focus on planning and developing digital automation nurture strategies for annual calendars (including ATL-BLT, traditional and digital campaigns, events and more);

  4. Work in collaboration with key business leads, managers, senior leadership and external stakeholders.

Business intelligence

  1. Optimize business processes and foresee steps to maximise sales and marketing integrations (sales funnels, CRM, 

  2. Lead teams and use collaboration to take things to the next level.


Design talents 

  1. Lead design teams of up to 6 designers with multidiscipline external freelancers for more than five years.

  2. Focus on developing and amplifying organisation’s brands;

  3. Conceive ideas from concept to delivery events and marketing collateral (as well as tactical and local campaigns) while coordinating and managing the workflow of my team.

  4. Find ways to optimize resources and deliverables.

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